Workshop Department

Workshop Superintendent

I would like to Welcome you in Workshop of Govt. Polytechnic, Washim

Vinayak Dattatraya Tapas
Workshop Superintendent
[M.E.(Thermo Science) & M.E.(Manufacturing Technology) ]

Information of the Department

Workshop equipped with Machines like CNC Lathe, Milling M/C, Grinding M/c, Lathe M/c, etc. is now more in line with the Industrial needs. Workshop included following departments like Turning shop, Milling shop, CNC shops, Carpentry shops, Welding shops, Moulding shop, Fitting shop, Sheet Metal , Plumbing shop , and Smithy shop which provides a significant fillip to technological impoverments , peer to peer project based technical training . Workshop department aims at providing an elite workforce of future leaders in myriad areas like manufacturing , quality management, quality control and production. In workshop department student will study the materials , basic tools and technique used in engineering. Every efforts has been made to describe the matter in clear and simple way so as to impart the student a sound basic knowledge about the subject. So every students is helpful to learning fundaments of engineering. In workshop departments students often comes across various types of basic production processes. He is required to select, operate and control the appropriate processes for specific applications .All the students to very much needful for improve its skill and practical knowledge. It need for industries development and self motivated.


Sr.No. Photo Name & Designation Experience Contact
1 Vinayak Dattatraya Tapas
M.E.(Thermo Science) & M.E.(Manufacturing Technology)
Workshop Superintendent
30 Yrs Email


Sr.No. Photo Name & Designation Experience Contact
1 K.S.Sorte
Instructor (Turning)
26 Yrs Email
2 Natthu Vitthalrao Gharat
S.S.C. I.T.I. (Moulding)
18 Years Email
3 Pradip Ramchandra Kapade
I.T.I B.A.
Tin smith
25 Years Email
4 Santosh Suresh Chavan
S.S.C. I.T.I.
3.6 Years Email
5 Waghji Govindrao Bombale
3.10 Years Email
6 Anil U Thombare
BA D.Ed.
3 Yrs Email
7 A.M.Ingole
12 YEARS Email
8 S.R. Ade
General Mechanic
20 Yrs Email
9 B.G.Sanap
Pattern Maker
14 Yrs Email
10 Ramesh Laxmanrao Rathod
23 yrs Email