Information Technology

Head Of The Department

IT diploma engineers and scientists are now widely recognized as an essential source of tools and techniques for advancement in nearly all spheres of human endeavour. Department has well qualified and experience faculty to inspire the students to develop their technical skills. The department gives exposure to its students, to not only the regular diploma curriculum but also to the aspirations of todays corporate world, by inculcating a professional attitude in them. Our aim is not only to develop a noble diploma engineer but also responsible citizens who serve and lead the nation.

Ms. M.R. Lolure
I/c HOD/Lecturer In Information Technology
[B.E. ]

To be the best in providing employable Information Technology Diploma Engineers.
  • To impart outcome based, value added, quality technical education in the field of Information Technology
  • To enhance employability, entrepreneurship, industry institute interaction and ability to apply Information Technology knowledge to solve real life problems


    Information technology Diploma graduates will have
  1. to demonstrate problem solving skills that enable them to be successful professionals.
  2. to analyze, formulate and solve real life problems and function effectively in a professional environment.
  3. a passion for life long learning to enhance their careers in information technology and related programs.


  1. An ability to obtain positions as information technology professionals in various industries and government agencies that are involved in the software development, maintenance and use of computers and computer networks.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in modern computer languages, environments and platforms.

Information of the Department


Sr.No. Photo Name & Designation Experience Contact
1 Ms. M.R. Lolure
I/c HOD/Lecturer In Information Technology
14 Email
2 Mangesh Hule
Lecturer In Information Technology
4 Email
3 Sanjay Gharde
M.Tech (Information Technology)
Lecturer In Information Technology
15 Email
4 Baliram Bokare
B.E.(Computer Sci & Engg)
Lecturer In Information Technology
1 Email
5 Onkar Ghorsade
B.Tech.(Computer Sci & Engg)
Lecturer In Information Technology
1 Email
6 Yogesh Bhople
M.Tech (Computer Science & Engg.)
Lecturer In Information Technology
01 Email


Sr.No. Photo Name & Designation Experience Contact
1 Suhas Holey
20 Email
2 Anil Suryawanshi
11 Email
3 Nilesh Vijay Anasane
Lab Assistant
9 yrs Email