Gymkhana Hall: The Gymkhana Hall is equipped with Audio-Visual facilities having more than 200 students & faculties seating capacity. This facility provides an ideal location not only students to attend the lecturers by various expert but also covers for various Institutional programmes.

Canteen :: A spacious & clean canteen managed by a professional caterer that provides a quality food at affordable price. A due care is taken to maintain hygienic condition in canteen.

Student Co-operative Store :

The Student Co-operative Store is located in Institute campus & it meets the basic requirements of stationeries in the institute premises.

Playing Ground :

A Playground provides facilities for out-door games. The institute encourages students to participate in various games like IEDSSAA, Inter zonal competition etc.

2) Gymkhana committee members:

1 Dr. V. R .Mankar,Principal President
2 Mr.S.L Pandharikar, Lecturer in Mechanical Engg. Vice President
3 Pavan Faltankar-IF Final Year Gymkhana Secretary
4 Nivedita Dhole-CE Final Year Cultural secretary
5 Gajanan Dhon-EE Final Year Sport Secretary
6 Arundhati Patil-IF Second Year Ladies Representative
7 Hrishikesh Pandit-AE Final Year Magazine Secretary
8 Hariom Deshpande-EJ Final Year President,ISTE Chapters
9 Sanket Paturkar-ME Second Year Secretary,ISTE Chapters