CDTP Scheme

Head Of The Department

Internal Coordinator

The main objectives of the scheme are :
  1. To Carry out Need Assessment Surveys to assess the technology and traning needs.
  2. To Impart Skill Development Training to the intended target groups.
  3. To disseminate Appropriate Technologies for productivity enhancement.
  4. To provide Technical and Support Services to rural masses and slums dwellers.
  5. To create Awareness among the target groups about technological advancement and contemporary issues of importance.

Following are the major activities identified under the Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics :
  1. Need Assessment Surveys.
  2. Skill Development Training Programmes.
  3. Disseminate and Application of Appropriate Technologies.
  4. Technical and Support Services.
  5. Awareness Programmes.

About scheme

There are more than 1419 polytechnics and equivalent technical institutions which exhibit potential to provide skill training to millions of youth through their own facilities and by establishing extension centers in collaboration with ITI, KVK, and Vocational Institutes and NGO. These polytechnics can also render useful services in adoption of appropriate technologies and providing technical and support services to rural people and slum dwellers.

The main purpose of the scheme is to provide skills to drop out students at free of cost.

Available courses are:
  1. 1) Two wheeler repairing and Maintenance.
  2. 2) Beautician and hear dressing.
  3. 3) TV/VCR/VCD tape recorder repairing.
  4. 4) Tailoring and cutting.
  5. 5) Data entry operator.
  6. 6) Computer hardware and networking.
  7. 7) First eyed nursing.
  8. 8) Electrician
  9. 9) Diesel Engine repairing.
  10. 10) Soya product making.
  11. 11) Auto mechanic (heavy)
  12. 12) Mobile repairing.
  13. 13) RAC.
  14. 14) Databases programming.
  15. 15) Embroidery.
  16. 16) Motor driving.
  17. 17) Motor mechanic.
  18. 18) Mortar winding.
  19. 19) English typing.
  20. 20) Fashion designer.

No training cost, No age limit, Qualification 8th std Pass/Fail. For More details about the scheme contact on 9822976562